Veteran Services

Veteran Services

ViaQuest is a Veteran-owned and operated company that both understands and focuses on the unique needs of separating service members, Veterans, Reservists and military family members…at no cost to you, our client.

Specifically, VQ Veteran Services is a large employment, social services, and healthcare business employing over 1900 individuals dedicated to providing you with a smooth and successful transition from your military service and/or continuing education to a successful career and lifestyle in the civilian sector.

VQ Veteran Services strives to support every service member, Veteran, Reservist and military family member by:

  • preparing them for employment,
  • securing career employment opportunities,
  • equipping them with post-employment support,
  • providing for their physical and behavioral healthcare needs, and
  • offering residential services to best assure successful, long-term integration into their community of choice.

To make this possible, VQ Veteran Services partners with Rangam Consultants through their SourceVets program to guarantee immediate access to both job and career opportunities in literally hundreds of Fortune 500 companies all over the United States and Canada.

As a VA vender and social services provider, VQ Veteran Services is best described as a Continuum of Care. VQ’s programs and services enable separating service members, Veterans, Reservists and military family members to receive the supports necessary to secure, select and maintain career and community-based employment following their separation from the military and/or their completion of continuing education degrees and certifications. As such, VQ Veteran Services provides the following suite of services:


  • Pre-Employment Services: preparing for employment, career counseling/preparation, training
  • Employment Services: securing career employment opportunities, selecting appropriate employers and career placement for those who are either unemployed or underemployed
  • Post-Employment Services: providing job-coaching and case management for those who are transitioning to new careers
  • Healthcare Services: providing physical, emotional, mental, and behavioral healthcare (i.e. PTSD, TBI, family, financial, transitional, Tele-health, Tele-psych services available in rural/outlying areas)
  • Residential Services: providing housing, home-based supports
  • Home Health and Nursing Services: providing in-home care, nursing and wound care, OT, PT, ST, social worker/clinical services
  • Hospice Services: enabling Veterans and family members to live with dignity, while experiencing quality of life with loved ones and offering pharmacogenetics for pain management
  • ‘We Honor Vet’ Services: providing Veteran Pinning Ceremonies honoring Veterans and family members, benefit analysis and VA networking support

Career Opportunities

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Veteran Services Questions?

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